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Going North
    While Johannes slept, Olanna allowed herself the privilege of rage. Tension took over, her brow threatened to crush her pale face, and her teeth gnashed together. Few travelers passing by on their way south gave the demon woman a second look. At night she wore the mask for him. Just like when they were together, she was the ever obedient wife looking ahead to a life of work and children, and maybe love in the cracks between.
    But it was not her kismet to have the life she imagined. No, it was mourner’s clothes for her now, black until a year was past and the chance of Johannes returning was gone. It was tradition. Olanna thought about it when she let slip the funeral mask and took her usual way home, but even with the possibility of his return she didn’t really believe things could change.
    Johannes rose on the third night and scratched at her window, dressed in his muddy burial suit. He didn’t need
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Two Birds
I saw two birds at work
today, who have been there
for a week.
They can still fly and scavenge
scraps, but soon
they'll be too weak.
No open doors or windows
for them to sneak back
And no one around to save
them, before they're gone
too soon.
So I stand back there
and watch them, along
with all the rest
Waiting for the day
to come, when their hearts
cease in their chests.
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Something about space
Out past the Orion Nebula
where time and space
are relative and everything
back home will age on
without us.
But don't let time dilation
get to you darling.
Yeah we're out here alone
but we aren't getting old
like everyone back home.
We're still burning bright
like all those dead stars
we loved watching at night.
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Let's slow dance to
the sounds of the universe
Because biting broken nails
won't make them whole
And maybe a little movement
to the music of the spheres
will do enough to pick you up
and forget we were never
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We violate the innocence
of things
You must have your
wits about you
Wandering the streets
at night
No reprimand in the
Another vagabond
These are my finest
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Beach stuff
Her eyes were
the ocean at night,
dark and calm waves
in a sea of white.
Adrift in clear doldrums
peacefully aware
of my deflated sails.
Oh Wind
I loved you so
Even though you left me
on the ocean
I am standing on
rocks with no shoes
for you.
Though the night be
dark and the rocks
are cold too.
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Living my life in
third person
Can't purge the me
that's outside my
what I do, say, and
apologize after for
I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I can't explain why
Please forgive me
I'm sorry
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I'm feeling isolated
in stasis
Alone in a room
surrounded by familiar
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She was like a broken clock,
every time I looked at
those amber eyes I could
see she never changed.
Same laugh
Same smile
Same sideways glance
I couldn't decide
if this was good
or bad.
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up on high
over hills of
rolling green and
under cotton clouds
front seat, back seat
passenger and carry
on package
window seated staring
out at people and
places gone by
forever lost in the
time before the
present looking always
at the past
ignoring the future
because it never
exists anyway
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Physics Writing Requirements Suck
Oh poor Matt Lorio
Wallowing in physics,
mechanics, and
electrical problems.
Poor, poor, poor
Matt Lorio
Lost in the
black hole abyss
of phase transitions
and Barium Titanate.
All he wants is
a degree and
not a goddamned
nervous breakdown.
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A Moment without Horror :iconeturnus:Eturnus 0 0 Lentils of The Last Fourteen Seconds :iconeturnus:Eturnus 0 0 The Day of The Emotions :iconeturnus:Eturnus 0 0


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